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Kids Kampus Inc.
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"My daughter LOVES Kids Kampus!! We used to have really rough mornings getting her up and around for daycare, but now that she attends Kids Kampus, our rough mornings are very few and far between! Miss Katie in the Pre-School room is very welcoming...(Cont'd)"
Baby Room
Class Teachers

Brandie Stewart
Jessie Wohletz
Laura Regier

0 – 3 months Lots of nurturing, seeing to their physical needs, singing lullabies, holding, some baby exercise, etc.
3 – 6 months Lots of nurturing, seeing to their physical needs, providing sensory variety for those scooting and crawling, continue singing, reading and talking to infants.
6 – 9 months These infants are becoming more mobile. We will be continuing, seeing to their physical needs, nurturing them, and providing lots of interesting textured surfaces for them to explore. Singing, reading, and talking will remain as part of their day.
9 – 12 months Many of these children will be mastering the art of mobility. We will be providing them with more manipulatives, more area of the room will be available for them to explore. Some will begin to handle finger foods. Language development is an area which will begin to play an important role with finger plays, naming objects; ie. Baba for bottle, naming key people; mama, dada, etc.
12 month and older We will plan special activities for the children. This will include outdoor time each morning and afternoon, and some of the weekly curriculum that the pre school children are using. Simple art projects, counting and singing will be introduced.
Great care will be taken to provide age appropriate toys for our room. Items will include but are not limited to baby exercisers, mirrors, mobiles, chewable toys, that are washed daily books, swings, and a selection of manipulatives.
Rocking our children is a part we enjoy as well as our children in our care. We will hold, sing, and talk to our children during the day as we feed them, as we attend to their diapering needs, and as they explore the environment around them.


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