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Kids Kampus Inc.
1381 S. Main St.
McPherson KS 67460

"My daughter LOVES Kids Kampus!! We used to have really rough mornings getting her up and around for daycare, but now that she attends Kids Kampus, our rough mornings are very few and far between! Miss Katie in the Pre-School room is very welcoming...(Cont'd)"
Enrollment Process
1. Application for Enrollment and Contract
2.Authorization for Emergency Medical Care (Download)
3. Child Medical Record Immunization History & Health Assessment (Download)
4. Parental Permission Off-Premise Trips (Download)
KIDS KAMPUS, 1381 S. MAIN ST., MCPHERSON, KS. 67460 (620-241-8499)

Child's Name: Known as:
Address: Phone #:
Sex: Male Female Age: Date of Birth:
Current grade of School:
Weekly Schedule:

Mother’s nformation Father’s information
Name: Name:
Address: Address:
Home Phone: Home Phone:
Cellular Phone: Cellular Phone:
Employer: Employer:
Work Phone: Work Phone:
E-Mail: E-Mail:
Person(s) with Legal Custody of Child (relationship):

Name of Child’s Physician: Phone:
Name of Child’s Dentist: Phone:
Allergies or Special needs:
McPherson Memorial Hospital will be used in case of an emergency. (Or nearest Hospital available)

Person(s) to contact when parents cannot be reached:
Person(s) authorized to pick up child:
Person(s) NOT authorized to visit or pick up child:

Do you give permission for your child to have their picture and name in the local newspaper for events going on at Kids Kampus? Yes No
Do you give permission for your child to appear on our web-site (No names will be listed on this site) ? Yes No

Additional comments:

Current fees are $160.00 each week for 1 child, (add $15.00 if child is under 1) $270.00 each week for 2 and $370.00 each week for 3.
*All fees are due before the week of care unless other arrangements with the director are made.*
  1. Parents are responsible for payment of fees on time each week. A late fee of $10.00 will be added to bills not paid within two (2) days of the due date.
  2. There is no reduction of fees for absences or vacations. A list of closings days is always posted on the bulletin board and online.
  3. Vision cards may be used for qualifying families. However, the fees stated above are mandatory and parents must make up the difference.
  4. Checks that are returned insufficient are charged $25.00.
  5. Closing time is 5:45 P.M. Late fees are accruing at $1.00 each minute that you are late. This late fee must be paid to the closing person.
  6. The center is open Monday – Friday,   12 months each year,  from 5:30A.M. – 5:45 P.M
I understand that:
  1. I, or a responsible adult, must walk into the building with my child each day and make certain the teacher knows he/she is there.
  2. I, or a responsible designated adult, will walk into the building to pick up my child and inform a teacher that we are leaving.
  3. I must sign in and out.
  4. I must shut my car off and take my keys, no matter the weather. My child will wait inside with me until I’m ready to go.
  5. Children must stay home with the following:  those with fever over 100, diarrhea or vomiting in previous 24-hour period.
  6. A complete change of clothing and blanket is needed at the center for children under the age of 5.
  7. Parents need to inform the center of changes in addresses, phone number, employment, emergency information or any changes in family situations.
  8. No medication can be administered to a child without written consent on proper form and only in original bottle with correct name applied.
  9. The director is to be notified two weeks in advance before a child is to be withdrawn. Parents are required to pay for those two weeks regadless of when the child leaves the center.
  10. If, after a reasonable period of time, it is found that a child is unable to adjust to the Center, the Center reserves the right to request withdrawal of the child. This decision is left to the discretion of the Director(s).
  11. I agree to abide by these rules and regulations.

Security Code:

Administrator and Registered Nurse: Megan Thompson
Administrative Assistant: Kaleena Frick
Director: Angela Parker-Babcock
School Age Site Director: Jaycie Rue
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